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Exceeding expectations with innovative design capabilities.
Thomas Instrument has a fully qualified staff of engineers experienced in all phases of support for mature military flight hardware. Our engineering team has decades of experience in flight controls, structural hardware, hydraulics, pneumatics, precision gearing, gearbox design, clutches, actuators, ballscrews, winches, repair and overhaul, design, development, and testing of military aircraft products.

Thomas electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic engineers are experienced with design and development in numerous areas of hydraulic, electrical, electromechanical and mechanical systems. Their development efforts have included design-to-specification, product qualification, reverse engineering, test procedures and overhaul processes. The use of 3D modeling helps to integrate engineering, manufacturing and inspection processes.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering plays a vital role in Thomas' support to our customers. Thousands of products are currently used on aircraft that have been reversed engineered by Thomas Instrument. For over thirty years, reverse engineering efforts have been routinely initiated due mainly to obsolescence issues. A dedicated team of professionals has been assembled to insure a smooth and thorough reverse engineering process. Thomas also offers product reliability enhancements to improve product performance, which can also be implemented during the reverse engineering process.

Engineering Services
  • Product Improvement
  • Product Test Procedures
  • Product Qualification Testing
  • Component Repair Procedures
  • Assembly Overhaul Procedures
  • Design Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Development of Automated Test Stands for
  • Endurance Testing
Reverse Engineering